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Who we are

Premium Managed Adaptive Coworking Space Designed To Work For You

From a mastering real estate for 12 years with Realsta, we pivoted to meet the rising demand for flexible workspaces. Thus, Goflex was born—a premium managed coworking space designed for the modern professional. Our journey reflects a seamless transition, blending real estate expertise with innovative coworking solutions.

Core Values

The Guiding Principles That Shapes Our Every Decision, Action And Interaction

  • Putting Clients First

    Everything we do revolves around our clients. We're dedicated to understanding their unique needs and challenges, so we can create solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

  • Always Innovating

    In a fast-changing tech world, we can't stay still. We're committed to constantly finding new ways to use the latest tech for our client's benefit.

  • Never Stop Learning

    Tech is always changing, so we're always learning. Our team members are encouraged to seek out new knowledge, improve their skills, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • Honesty and Trust

    Trust is key to success. We always act with integrity in every interaction, so our clients, partners, and team members know they can count on us to do what's right.

  • Teamwork Matters

    We think the best solutions come from working together. We build strong partnerships with our clients and among our teams.

  • Empowerment and Responsibility

    We believe success happens when empowered individuals take ownership. We encourage our team members to take initiative, make informed decisions, and be responsible for their actions.

Meet the Team

Making It Possible For You

Go Flex
Manit Gupta

Sales Head

With a wealth of experience spanning more than 12 years, this professional is highly skilled in luxury hotel operations. His expertise also extends to the leasing of commercial office spaces, where they excel in understanding client needs, providing tailored solutions, adept negotiation, and contract management.

Go Flex
Rohit Gehlot


Finance professional with 10+ years of experience in India and the MENA region. His expertise encompasses financial modeling, financial planning and analysis, budgeting, business valuation, capital budgeting, and due diligence.

Go Flex
Dishant Malik

Founder and CEO

Over a decade of hands-on experience in real estate businesses. Dishnat Malik’s record includes aiding multinational corporations in establishing and running successful operations in India.

Go Flex
Ankit Arora


With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, this professional excels in diverse areas such as liaising, business strategies, and administrative tasks. HIs expertise and proficiency make them a valuable asset in the field.